Consumer Loans -Jitegemea

A consumer loan is any type of loan or line of credit a consumer receiver from a creditor. Consumer loans are used to finance expensive purchases. Without consumer loans many people would be unable to purchase a home or car. Advantages of consumer loans Consumer loans are available to most people today because they have many […]

New Branch Update

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new branch in Narok in view of the increasing demand  of our customers and to deliver prompt and speedy service. We would like to thank our customers continued support and business and look forward to your patronage in the future.

Social Economic Status Of Women In Kenya

Men and women tend to have different social-economic profiles within an economy. The reason for the difference is due to the position they occupy, activities they engage in and their overall economic status. In this regard, economic growth and development will not obviously benefit men and women equally. Gender inequality acts as a constraint to[…..]

Financial Rating

Jitegemea attained a B+ during a recent financial rating conducted by Microfinaza Rating in October 2013. Social Rating has also been conducted and Jitegemea was awarded a B.